External Buyers

The results you are looking for, with the quality you deserve

IMS Connect has the technology and talent necessary to get the results you want, with more than 5000 direct media and the ability to reach unique URLs safeguarding your ROI, while ensuring the quality of your audience. We have a specialist team that deals with the needs of external buyers and works to find the best options to ensure that each campaign gets a perfect implementation and achieves the expected results.

In Love With Performance
No risk
Preserving client brands is a non-negotiable premise when choosing where to run our campaigns: our efforts are focused on providing a safe environment for advertisers in real time. Customer ads only appear on approved and secure sites, without adult or violent content. We also avoid that our advertisers are exposed to content with fake traffic. Each medium undergoes a series of stringent checks before being accepted into the IMS Connect network.

In Love With Performance
In search of your relevance
Classifying sites according to their actual content, after a thorough evaluation of each one, provides great results for advertisers. We make this aspect of our work into a mission, so that our customers achieve relevance in every campaign and the results they are looking for.

Global Reach
Transparency, so that you can decide exactly where to publish
At IMS Connect we ​​work with complete transparency and site selection by advertiser preference: we offer unique urls and site listings by category, where each customer can segment and select the sites where to run the campaigns one by one, if so desired. Assistance from a specialist executive is provided throughout the process.

External Buyers
If your website receives over 3000 hits per month, IMS Connect provides monetization tools to generate additional income.
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