Our products

We solve the complexities of digital investment in Latin America and around the world, from start to finish. And thanks to our performance solutions, you avoid the risk of paying for inefficient advertising.
Mobile: a more effective impact
Going Mobile is not just a matter of readjusting traditional online advertising formats, but requires a specific thought process, uniquely for this channel. We provide the knowledge needed to develop, create and optimize campaigns that focus on the screens of the different devices on the market. We work with standard formats such as Rich Media, always looking for constant innovation to better connect users with our client.

• We aim at any target within the industry: by Operator / Device / Operating System / Age and Gender / Geo-location.

• Specialists in the Latin American market where service penetration is constantly growing.

• Specialized team dedicated to optimizing mobile campaigns.

• We have inventory in all regions, both premium and blind.

• We run campaigns for CPM, CPC and CPI.

VIDEO, the format of the moment
Video allows storytelling and deploying unique and unforgettable creativity. Video is measurable at different times and a quintessential branding product, thanks to the dissemination technology behind it.
Our platform allows you to distribute your campaigns on secure sites classified by tiers.
We are integrated with partners that have brandsafe inventory and we also have the tools to examine the contents of our partner sites.
We access premium inventory through our real-time bidding technology and we can buy the exact impression that the advertiser is looking for to reassess campaign spending.

Quintessential buying models: CCPV (Cost per Complete View)

The agency or the client only pays for a full view of the video. Duration up to 30 seconds.

Creativity at its best
The Rich Media ad format is a powerful vehicle that allows advertisers to highlight and boost their messages, increase CTR and achieve greater audience impact. A Rich Media ad contains images or videos. It also requires some interaction by the user: the ad can be deployed, float, deployed down... The possibilities are endless!

Our platforms can handle all types of rich media creativity, including: Expandable Banners, Video Banners and Floating Banners.